Khemia Ensemble Pop up concerts premiere at the
mizzou international composers festival

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This year at the 10th Mizzou International Composers Festival we gave two “Pop-up” concerts in Columbia, Missouri. These concerts seemingly happened as if several expert level classical musicians were out to get some ice cream and spontaneously decided to perform an impromptu gig. Listeners were given a chance to experience these pieces in a setting that they are rarely performed in.

We performed concerts at Uprise Bakery and Sparky’s Ice Cream while patrons and passersby alike enjoyed tasty treats while enjoying sounds of Luciano Berio, John Cage, Andy Akiho, Timmy Peterson and more.

We are very gracious to these spaces that gave us the opportunity this music.

We would also like to thank KOMU for covering this story and interview our artistic director Bret Bohman at Sparky’s. Check out the video here!

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Culminating in spontaneous feeling performances these concerts are quickly becoming a mainstay of Khemia. Engaging with the local communities that we perform in has been a passion of ours since we came together. Creating shared experiences in unexpected ways strengthens bonds and fosters a new connection. Our hope is to inspire those who happen upon our pop-up concerts to listen closely and curiously to sounds that are perhaps very unfamiliar. Embrace the experience.

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