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We unveiled the "Khemia Lights" on our debut album release tour in April of 2015 at concerts in Ann Arbor, Cincinnati and Detroit.  This custom made lighting rig designed and produced by the help of Intermedio consists of 8 incandescent light bulbs attached to variable height fixtures that are spacially dispersed throughout the ensemble.  Each light can dim, strobe, flicker and fade independently from the others, offering a unique and large range of expressive gestures.  The lights are both interactive and performative, taking information from both the live sound from the instrumentalists and programmed and performed patches by a member offstage.  It has become a like a ninth instrument for us.  See them in action in a video by Intermedio below!

A low lit scene from Kaito's Nakahori's Zero.  In this work the lights react subtly to the overall volume of the ensemble.

One of the lights up a closer reveals the filaments.

Our pianist Jeannette Fang performing with the lights.