1. derived from the Ancient Greek word χημεία (khēmeia) meaning "cast together"
2. a contemporary concert music ensemble based in the United States

Hailed by the Columbia Dailly Tribune as “adding a fresh dimension” to the classical concert music experience, Khemia Ensemble is a contemporary chamber ensemble focused on championing the works of living composers through vivid, multimedia performances. We foster collaborations among the arts by working closely with designers, visual artists, and writers as well as incorporating poetic, visual, and interactive elements in our performances. The members of Khemia Ensemble have come together across four countries from around the world: Argentina, Brazil, China, and the United States to form an ensemble that seeks to diversify and share the music of living composers.

Khemia was in residence at the 10th annual Mizzou International Composers Festival in July of 2019, performing three concerts during the 4 day festival. Concerts featured our inaugural call-for-scores winners Emma O’Halloran and Daniel Fawcett. We also performed two “Pop-up” concerts at popular local favorites by bringing the music we perform into unusual and surprising spaces.

The ensemble has been featured in venues and festivals such as National Sawdust, Strange Beautiful Music in Detroit, the third annual New Music Gathering, Latin IS America at Michigan State University and the Biennial New Music Festival at the National University of Cordoba. Khemia has held residencies at University of Michigan, Tufts University, Michigan State University, the National University of Bogota and the National University of Cordoba as well as two consecutive years at Avaloch Farms.

“Khemia Lights” is a permanent installation for the ensemble and was created in a collaboration between Khemia member/composer, Bret Bohman, and the Cincinnati-based sound and visual production company Intermedio. The lights use audio-visual technology that responds live to the rhythm and intensity of the music we are performing, creating an exciting multi-sensory experience for the audience. Khemia used this technology to performed a series of interactive concerts throughout Cincinnati, Ann Arbor and Detroit venues.

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